final class JdkDynamicAopProxy implements AopProxy, InvocationHandler, Serializable {}]public Object invoke(Object proxy, Method method, Object[] args) >Object retVal; >List<Object> chain = this.advised.getInterceptorsAndDynamicInterceptionAdvice(method, targetClass); >if (chain.isEmpty { >+Object[] argsToUse = AopProxyUtils.adaptArgumentsIfNecessary(method, args); >+retVal = AopUtils.invokeJoinpointUsingReflection(target, method, argsToUse); >} >else { >+invocation = new ReflectiveMethodInvocation(proxy, target, method, args, targetClass, chain);//链式执行拦截方法 >+retVal = invocation.proceed(); >}[ReflectiveMethodInvocation.proceed()]public Object proceed() throws Throwable {        //    We start with an index of -1 and increment early.        if (this.currentInterceptorIndex == this.interceptorsAndDynamicMethodMatchers.size() - 1) {            return invokeJoinpoint();        }        Object interceptorOrInterceptionAdvice =                this.interceptorsAndDynamicMethodMatchers.get(++this.currentInterceptorIndex);        if (interceptorOrInterceptionAdvice instanceof InterceptorAndDynamicMethodMatcher) {            // Evaluate dynamic method matcher here: static part will already have            // been evaluated and found to match.            InterceptorAndDynamicMethodMatcher dm =                    (InterceptorAndDynamicMethodMatcher) interceptorOrInterceptionAdvice;            if (dm.methodMatcher.matches(this.method, this.targetClass, this.arguments)) {
                //调用拦截器的执行方法,拦截器执行拦截逻辑后继续调用目标方法的proceed()方法,参考下面的两个拦截器invoke()实现                return dm.interceptor.invoke(this);            }            else {                // Dynamic matching failed.                // Skip this interceptor and invoke the next in the chain.                return proceed();            }        }        else {            // It's an interceptor, so we just invoke it: The pointcut will have            // been evaluated statically before this object was constructed.            return ((MethodInterceptor) interceptorOrInterceptionAdvice).invoke(this);        }    }//before advice方法拦截器public class MethodBeforeAdviceInterceptor implements MethodInterceptor, BeforeAdvice, Serializable {    private final MethodBeforeAdvice advice;    /**     * Create a new MethodBeforeAdviceInterceptor for the given advice.     * @param advice the MethodBeforeAdvice to wrap     */    public MethodBeforeAdviceInterceptor(MethodBeforeAdvice advice) {        Assert.notNull(advice, "Advice must not be null");        this.advice = advice;    }    @Override    public Object invoke(MethodInvocation mi) throws Throwable {        this.advice.before(mi.getMethod(), mi.getArguments(), mi.getThis;        return mi.proceed();    }}//after advice方法拦截器public class AspectJAfterAdvice extends AbstractAspectJAdvice        implements MethodInterceptor, AfterAdvice, Serializable {    public AspectJAfterAdvice(            Method aspectJBeforeAdviceMethod, AspectJExpressionPointcut pointcut, AspectInstanceFactory aif) {        super(aspectJBeforeAdviceMethod, pointcut, aif);    }    @Override    public Object invoke(MethodInvocation mi) throws Throwable {        try {            return mi.proceed();        }        finally {            invokeAdviceMethod(getJoinPointMatch(), null, null);        }    }    @Override    public boolean isBeforeAdvice() {        return false;    }    @Override    public boolean isAfterAdvice() {        return true;    }}
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